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(CHRYSTAL)  An hedonistic temptress in the pursuit of satisfying all of your six senses. Deadly curves, porcelain skin and hypnotizing blue eyes, the kind of woman you can most of the time dare to imagine but rarely come across to. Meet a seductress that is in control of the present moment and will curate an unforgettable date if given the green light.  Share with me the depth of your desires and call it yesterday that they were unfulfilled.  

From the music that will play as the soundtrack of our adventures, to the way we will devour life side by side. Take a seat in this exciting journey of just being yourself without any pretension. 

My lust for life and all the jouissance that is at the reach of our hands always made me want to cultivate deeper this permissive ground to discover the layers of pleasure and debauchery as a never ending assignment.  

 My intentions are to show you the ropes of unknown pleasures, sensations or a genuinely great experience. My love for the aesthetic world is evident from the way i dress, to our conversation topics or will be discovered during our numerous escapades.  Perfectly poised with an exhilarating sense of humour, you will be at ease from the moment we meet until hopefully not our last goodbye. 



"Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess" - Oscar Wilde

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